Carl Systems

Calling Shrewsbury Small Businesses

Carl Systems Ltd is based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK.  We have clients from around the country but are particularly interested to hear from sole traders in our locality to work with us on new projects together.

We are a software based company specialising in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Websites & E-commerce and our flagship product is the computerised version of the tried and tested CARL Accounting System.  Developed by Chartered Accountants over more than 40 years, this system has helped thousands of small businesses get their accounts done quickly and accurately and in such a timely fashion that crucial business decisions can be made.

If you would like us to get your accounts on a solid footing, we can offer you a personal service with a qualified accountant where you follow our simple CARL Coding System and we do the work for you.  Once you are up and running you can take over the use of the system yourself or can continue to let us do it for you.

Why are we different ?

By following our simple process we can get a set of accurate accounts to you when you need them. You’ll not have to wait months or even longer.  If you are looking for finance or need to keep your bank up to date on your trading status this can be an invaluable service.

We can submit your VAT return for you.

By following our simple system we can give you crucial information.  

Are you sure you are trading successfully?  

Is your turnover sufficient to cover your overheads and drawings ? Not just this month but over an extended period of time.

Answers to these questions can be difficult to gauge, especially if you are not using a system that accurately records your business activities.  NB not all accounting software products are the same, even if they do advertise on the T.V.

By following our simple process we can tell you if your business is moving into deficit and if so we can via the CARL system show you possible reasons why and what to do about it.

We think once you get this level of control of your business finances you will be keen to become more and more involved in the process yourself.   

Another service we offer is the Historical Recording Service.  If you have a year or more of trading data i.e. bank statements and invoices, we can submit them into the CARL system for you.  This can give you crucial information on how you are trading right now. Our Rolling Year To-Date facility will tell you if you are trading at a loss.  Wouldn’t you like to know that now and not in 6 months time or even later ?

We can also tell you if you are doing well and you can take a bow on that !

And don’t forget we are also specialists in other aspects of small business life. If you need websites or e-commerce systems or integrated marketing strategies we can help.  Successful businesses know how to join these systems up with their financial systems and for the small business owner this can be game changing.

We look forward to hearing from you.  You can email us at or call us on 01743 35 35 85.  If you are on twitter you can follow us there on @carlsystems