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Our CARL © Accounting System means you can get your accounts up to date now. Combined with our web and e-commerce expertise means you can be in total control of your business
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CARL Systems is a Shrewsbury based company offering a unique service to Sole Traders.

Latest News. Our CARL System software is now recognised by HMRC for Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT.

  • Our own simple to use accounting coding system called CARL, developed over 40 years and used by thousands of small businesses,
  • Our own simple to use CARL software that replaces the need of an accountant.
  • Software developed in-house by team of expert developers and Chartered Accountants.
  • Our "Get you started" service where qualified accountants help you get all your backlog out of the way and make a fresh new start.
  • We also help businesses with e-commerce and other web technology. Ask us for more information.

For many years, the chore of doing your book keeping and relying on your accountant to tell you how you stood using outdated figures meant you rarely knew what financial state your business was actually in.
Doing ones business accounts is a crucial activity that should be part of your regular business function. Good quality accounts from an easy to use system will ensure that you can guide your business away from danger and into profit, and do it today not in 3 months time when it may already be too late.
There are many book keeping systems on the market but we believe the CARL System is different. Developed over 40yrs ago it is a copyrighted system that uses a unique, easy to remember, letter based coding system. All you need to do is enter your transactions on the one screen and your accounts are updated in front of your eyes. The updates you see highlighted on the screen will help educate you how accountancy works and will soon dispell the myth that accounting is difficult to understand.


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Know How You Stand

Possibly the 4 most important words in the life time of any business. "Know How You Stand" refers to the principle that each and every business owner must know exactly where their business stands financially if they are to react to situations that can increase their wealth or prevent their demise.

Unfortunately many business owners don't understand how to obtain the answer to this simple question. Sign up for our free series that gives you the education you need and what YOU need to do to answer the question for your business. If you are happy to wait months and months for your accountant to provide the answer maybe you don't need what we have but otherwise enter your email address and we'll get started.

CARL Systems Ltd is an accounting practice and software house based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK
The CARL System © is a unique accounting coding system used for more than 40yrs.  The list of the codes can be found here
We have a blog where you can find information on the history and the future of the CARL System.
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The CARL System is copyright and cannot be reproduced or utilised in anyway in an offline paper/electronic format or online electronic format without the express permssion of the authors Carl Systems Ltd.
If you wish any futher information on the CARL system please email us at or call us on 01743 35 35 85

For a quick overview of the CARL System we have a video you can watch :- CLICK HERE

Please note this video describes the paper version of the system. Our soon to be released web platform implements the same system but will be even easier !!

How Does It Work?

The CARL System is a web based application. Once you have setup your account you interact with just one page, no jumping around with different menus. You select the type of transaction e.g. Sales Invoice, you input the supplier or choose existing one.

And then the magic happens. You choose the CARL code that describes the nature of the transaction. This ensures accurate and clear accounting and the software can even guide you on the rigth path. You then enter the amount and any VAT and you submit. The CARL system updates your accounts and when it is month end you can generate a fresh set of accounts in a PDF that you can take to your bank manager or whom ever needs to see how you are getting on.

Where does my accountant fit in ?

We believe that the job of the accountant is not to wade through your piles of receipts and invoices and bank statements. They should be providing good quality managment accounting advice.

By using the CARL system you can generate your accounts monthly and you can work with your accountant if you choose to refine your business strategy moving forward. We think small businesses should stop thinking that accountants and tax preparation is for the benefit of others like HMRC. Rather we want them to think that up to date figures are for their benefit and will help them gain the competitive advantage by making informed decisions quickly.

What does it cost?

This is brand new technolgy so currently we are looking to work closely with sole traders and small businesses in the Shrewsbury area where our company is based. It will cost £40 per month. This gives you your own CARL account plus guidance and support from skilled staff and qualified accountants. Some othe products require 2 day training courses *you know who you are!). We think you'll get to grips with CARL in a couple of hours tops. And unlike other products you'll not forget most of it afterwards. CARL is just too simple for that. We also have an agency facility which allows the management of multiple CARL accounts at the same time.