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We plan to be the business that breaks down the crazy complexity endemic in the business accounting industry. The number of hours and the amount of money wasted by small businesses trying to get their accounts done and actually know where they stand is vast. Getting information in a format that actually helps them and in a timescale which means decisions can be made now rather than 6 months later or worse seems such a simple idea, however a lot of owners don’t even realise it is possible.

The CARL system puts the power back into the hands of the small business owner. It beaks down the process of doing your own accounts into something that is child’s play but means something very powerful. You are no longer having to get all this done solely for someone else’s benefit i.e. HMRC but for your benefit.

CARL does a lot of the hard work behind the scenes and when you watch the results appear on the screen in front of you, even owners that know absolutely nothing about accounting will start to learn how it all works.

You never know you may actually enjoy it.

So now we begin. We have a couple of pages on the blog site that talk about the history of how the CARL System came to be so they are a good start. You may not be surprised to learn that not a lot has changed in the past 30 yrs even with all this new accountancy software on the market.

The History of the CARL System

The CARL System in brief

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